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Ehlers D., Czech E., Quirin K.-W. and Weber R.: Distribution of Aflatoxins between Extract and Extraction Residue of Paprika using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide. Phytochemical Analysis 17 (2006), 114-120 (in English)




Paprika powder, naturally contaminated with aflatoxins, was extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide at standard conditions (300 bar and 50 oC). A lipophilic top phase and an aqueous base phase were obtained. These and the extraction residue were analysed by HPLC for aflatoxins. The main quantity of aflatoxins, about 60% of aflatoxin B1 and about 70% of aflatoxin B2 related to the original paprika powder, was found to be located in the extraction residue. This confirms the results of previous studies with other spices and demonstrates, that the use of supercritical carbon dioxide extracts, rather than natural spice, for flavouring purposes, offers potential application in reducing aflatoxin levels in spiced foods.


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