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Quirin K.-W., Gerard D. and Ehlers D.: Vanilla CO2-extracts - production, composition and comparison to alcoholic extracts. In: K.-H. Baser, Flavours, Fragrances and Essential Oils. Proceedings of the 13th International Congress of Flavours, Fragrances and Essential Oils, Istanbul, Turkey, 15-19 October 1995, Vol. 2 (in English)



CO2 extraction of vanilla beans is described, a process which leads to products of different vanillin content of typically 12, 25 and 95 %. If the intimate character of hydroalcoholic extracts is prefered CO2/ethanolic extraction can improve the usual solvent procedure. The composition of the CO2 extracts with respect to vanillin, p-hydroxybenzaldehyde, vanillic acid and p-hydroxybenzoic acid is discussed and compared to the conventional hydroalcoholic extracts.


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